ESTT at the Sustainability Science Days 2022

ESTT members participated in the Sustainability Science Days Conference 2022 in Helsinki, from 18th-19th of May 2022. Digital sustainability: Tackling climate change with bits and bytes Dynamic capabilities for sustainability: Developing an integrative typology

Master Thesis on Corporate Political Activities of Energy Providers in the Digital Age

The master thesis “Corporate Political Activities of Energy Providers in the Digital Age” analyses the characteristics of political activities made by energy providers and derives related advantages and disadvantages. Here is the abstract: The adoption of corporate political activities as a non-market strategy is becoming more and more relevant for companies in the energy industry….

Master Thesis on Alternative Sustainable Business Models for Energy Providers

The master thesis “Gas Exit: Alternative Sustainable Business Models for Energy Providers” provides a comprehensive overview of sustainable business models for energy providers. Here is the abstract: External pressures and environmental concerns have brought decarbonization efforts to the forefront of energy systems. As a result, natural gas, fossil fuels and utilities face a significant threat…

Master Thesis on Business Models for the Last Mile Problem

The master thesis “Business Models for the Last Mile Problem from the Perspective of Energy Providers” offers a business model perspective on how to cope with the last mile delivery problem, with a focus on the energy industry. Here is the abstract: E-commerce has seen significant growth in the past years, and demand in last…

Final Presentation of Course Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Innovation

In December 2021, selected students from WU’s SIMC & CEMS master programs presented findings to partner executives as part of the course Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Innovation. The course focused on analyzing the sustainability strategies of key players in the European energy industry. Equipped with the ESG framework (ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance),…

Master Thesis On Smart Lighting in Commercial Buildings and Schools

The master thesis “Smart Lighting in Commercial Buildings and Schools: Application Domains, Value Creation, and Market Development” examines the potential and market development of smart lighting in commercial buildings and schools. Here is the abstract: This thesis examined what smart lighting technologies are, which application domains and consumer needs can be found in relation to…

Master Thesis On Sector Coupling

The master thesis “Sector Coupling: Practices, Players and Business Models in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland” examines the concept of sector coupling for the German speaking countries by looking at its players and business models in particular. Here is the abstract: The climate goals set by the European Union demand a shift in the energy sector….