About the ESTT

The Energy & Strategy Think Tank (ESTT) is a cooperation between OMV AG, Wien Energie GmbH and the Institute for Strategic Management (ISM) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). We perform research, provide expert dialogue and engage in problem-based teaching. Located at WU’s ISM, the ESTT was launched together with OMV AG…

About the Team

The ESTT team is composed of two full professors and three post-docs. Werner H. Hoffmann, Univ-Prof. Dr. – – Nina Hampl Univ.-Prof. Dr. – Georg Reischauer, Dr. – Paola Belingheri, Dr. – Philipp Buss, Dr.    

Contact Us

For more information please contact estt[at]wu.ac.at

Innovation Talk “Renewable Energy Community Concepts”

The third innovation talk in 2019 was held by an expert in energy market design and grid/market integration of renewable energy technologies, H. Auer from the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien). The talk focused on the competitiveness of different renewable energy community concepts in a smart energy future. After an introduction to the emerging…

Bachelor Thesis on Drivers of Network Effect on Digital Platforms

The Bachelor Thesis “Drivers of Network Effect on Digital Platforms” was recently finished. Here is the abstract: Digital platforms are taking the world by storm. They scale at an unprecedented pace and some appear never to reach a plateau. Unlike traditional firms, platforms do not take ownership of the goods or services exchanged but merely…

ESTT at the AOM Meeting 2019

ESTT members contributed to the 2019 Academy of Management (AOM) Meeting in Boston as follows: Digital Strategizing: Crafting Strategy in the Age of Platforms, Ecosystems, and Online Communities, W. H. Hoffmann and G. Reischauer  Scholarship on value creation and capture on digital platforms, in ecosystems, and through online communities is growing rapidly. However, we still…

ESTT at the EGOS Colloqium 2019

G. Reischauer contributed to the EGOS Colloqium 2019 with the paper “Openness in practice: Insights from voluntary transparent organizations” The paper examines how organizations that are fully transparent maintain this ideal on a day-to-day basis.

Workshop on Rethinking Strategy Research in the Digital Age

G. Reischauer co-organized the workshop “Rethinking Strategy Research in the Digital Age”. As firms are increasingly operating in the digital realm, strategy research faces to challenge to measure and analyze this new operations. This workshop assembled leading scholars to discuss this challenge. It consisted of two parts. Part 1 aimed to make participants more familiar…

ESTT at the R&D Management Conference 2019

At the 2019 R&D Management Conference in Paris, P. Belingheri hosted a track on Data Science for Innovation Challenges together with F. Chiarello from the University of Pisa. The information field has changed dramatically over the past years, affecting the economy, technology, culture and society. However, these changes have left an even stronger mark on…

Final Presentation of Course Business Project in SIMC Master

In June 2019, selected students from WU’s SIMC master program presented their final assignments to senior managers of OMV and Wien Energie. The students who were part of the course “Business Project” spent a semester working with our partner companies to adress the quesiton of how to organize for innovation in the transforming energy industry….