About the ESTT

The Energy & Strategy Think Tank (ESTT) is a collaboration between Verbund, Wien Energie and the Institute for Strategic Management (ISM) at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

Aims of the ESTT:

Megatrends such as digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonisation are reshaping the energy industry and adjacent capital-​intensive industries. To lead, navigate, and understand these disruptive changes, the ESTT aims 1. to advance management research from the perspective of established firms, 2. to educate students for management positions, and 3. to foster the dialogue between research and practice.

Activities of the ESTT:

To achieve its aims, the ESTT creates, builds, and shares knowledge with partners, students, and society through activities in three interrelated fields:

  1. Research: Focusing on the energy industry and adjacent capital-​intensive industries, members of the ESTT at WU examine ecosystems, organization design for open strategy and collaborative innovation processes, and digital platforms from the perspective of established firms. Moreover, they undertake analyses to develop recommendations for managers and policy makers.
  2. Teaching: Members of the ESTT at WU offer courses in the top-ranked Master’s Program “Strategy, Innovation and Management Control” (SIMC). In these courses, students have the opportunity to work on strategic challenges and real-world problems of firms in the energy industry and adjacent capital-intensive industries. In addition, members of the ESTT at WU supervise application-​oriented master theses on cutting-​edge topics related to digital transformations, sustainability transitions, and industrial changes together with partners.
  3. Expert Dialogue: The ESTT provides a forum for practitioners to exchange with thought leaders in and beyond the energy industry as well as to gain hands-​on insights into current trends.