Innovation Talk “Enablers and Barriers of Corporate-Start-up Collaborations”

The first Innovation Talk in 2020 was held by Dr. T. Kohler (University of Innsbruck, Founder of InnoDays, Co-Founder of InnoSchool). In his talk, Dr. Kohler shared insights on enablers and barriers of corporate-start-up collaborations, thereby presenting collaboration tools (e.g., corporate hackathon, start-up programs and accelerators) and illustrative examples from global start-up ecosystems. He concludes that in such collaborations, tensions and conflicts (e.g., between autonomy and dependence or regarding intellectual property) can emerge which need to be addressed strategically to increase collaboration performance. One implication for incumbent firms is to evaluate potential collaborations on the dimensions purpose, program, people, place, process and partnership. Activating entrepreneurial employees can further boost interaction intensity during collaborations.