ESTT at the SMS Conference 2020

ESTT members contributed to the Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual Conference that was held online with the paper “Collaborating and Competing in Multiple Platform Ecosystems”. The abstract is as follows:

In platform ecosystems, platform sponsors provide the infrastructure through which firms offer complementary components. These complementors increasingly multi-home: they offer components in multiple ecosystems and thereby collaborate and compete in multiple places. Research on how to successfully navigate the tensions of this co-opetition focused on platform sponsors and suggested to use framing tactics. But little is known about the framing tactics of multi-homing complementors. We address this gap with a longitudinal qualitative study of connected cars ecosystems in the German automotive industry. We develop a process model of ecosystem co-opetition of multi-homing complementors that showcases which set of framing tactics multi-homing complementors use under which conditions and how a set of framing tactics relates to performance. We contribute to research on ecosystems, framing, and co-opetition.