Innovation Talk “Innovation Management in times of Covid-19”

The first Innovation Talk in 2021 was held by Catharina van Delden (Co-founder and CEO of innosabi GmbH). In her insightful talk, van Delden emphasized on current challenges of innovation management due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Resulting from the current Covid-19 situation, many companies are confronted with the loss of informal exchange or a lack of an effective integration between offline and online activities. With the help of digital tools for innovation management the various initiatives and solutions integrated. These result in a digital mapping of the ecosystem and enable the development of new paths for innovation along the entire value chain. By using the potential in the ecosystem, it should be possible to continue to successfully innovate even during crises. Van Delden mentioned that here are several reinforcements of developments anchored in the digital transformation as well as industry-specific problems and change processes. In order to escape the innovation dilemma, she highlighted five fields of action: Resilience and anticipation, imagination and ideation, learning rate and knowledge transfer, networks and collaboration, as well as online and offline connection. For each of these fields, an insightful example from practice has been provided and discussed. A final discussion round has provided interesting insights into strategies on how to overcome the dilemma of innovation management in times of a global pandemic.