ESTT at the SMS Conference 2021

ESTT members G. Reischauer, A. Engelmann and W. H. Hoffmann contributed to the 41st Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual Conference that was held online with the paper “Coopetitive Dynamics Between Incumbent Innovation Ecosystems and Challenger Platform Ecosystems”. The abstract is as follows:

Incumbents tend to host innovation ecosystems characterized by unique complementarities. These ecosystems are increasingly challenged by platform ecosystems with supermodular complementarities. While research suggests that incumbents should respond by engaging in coopetition, insights on how incumbent innovation ecosystems compete and cooperate with challenger platform ecosystems are rare. We address this gap with a longitudinal study of the in-car navigation ecosystem. We found that its innovation ecosystem gradually mirrored features of the challenger platform ecosystem to collaborate but still protected modules and interfaces to compete. We theorize drivers and consequences of this dynamic with a process model of selective platformization of incumbent innovation ecosystems. Our study contributes to research on ecosystems, coopetition, and challenger-incumbent dynamics in the digital age.