Innovation Talk “Ansätze und Trends der dekarbonisierten Wärme”

This Innovation Talk with the title “Ansätze und Trends der dekarbonisierten Wärme” was held by John Werner, Head of Corporate Development & Strategy at Zukunft Gas, an association of 135 leading companies from the gas industry in Germany. This community of all stages of the value chain in the industry is actively committed to shaping and implementing the gas transformation path to climate neutrality. John Werner has held leading positions in the energy industry for 30 years.

In his insightful talk, he highlighted current approaches and trends related to decarbonized heat that go hand in hand with a variety of sociopolitical developments. Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine is currently pushing pragmatic energy policies driven by security of supply into the foreground, but in the medium term climate targets will have to come back into focus. A mix of green gases and innovative gas application technologies will play an essential role alongside renewable power generation in creating a resilient energy system across all sectors.