Master Thesis on Innovation Controlling Process in Capital-Intensive Industries

The master thesis “Innovation Controlling Process in Capital-Intensive Industries and its Implementation” derives best practices for innovation processes in the context of energy providers. Here is the abstract:

The highly competitive environment in capital-intensive industries forces companies to innovate fast and develop high-quality innovation processes. The aim of this research paper is to identify a best practice for innovation processes in capital-intensive industries including distinct phases and assessment methods. A systematic literature review and several expert interviews are carried out in order to detect the state-of-the-art and the-state-of-the-practice. Out of these data sources a Stage-Gate Model in combination with an innovation funnel has been identified as a best practice framework. In the gates a scoring system with traffic lights together with process indicators help the innovation committee to decide on the further course of the projects. The committee consists partly of board members and meets on a monthly basis. This degree of involvement guarantees the required resources for innovation projects and the innovation process itself. Additionally, factors like room for flexibility within the process, use of the resource advantage and the allocation of the project lead is supposed to have a severe impact on the success of project implementation.