Master Thesis On Smart Lighting in Commercial Buildings and Schools

The master thesis “Smart Lighting in Commercial Buildings and Schools: Application Domains, Value Creation, and Market Development” examines the potential and market development of smart lighting in commercial buildings and schools. Here is the abstract:

This thesis examined what smart lighting technologies are, which application domains and consumer needs can be found in relation to the technologies, how value is created and captured and where the market has developed from, currently stands, and is likely to move to in the future. Firstly, a concise definition of SLTs, taking components, functions, and the role of intelligence of the technology has been developed and 18 different application domains have been established both from an activity, as well as a location-type perspective. Secondly, four important customer needs regarding smart lighting technologies were identified, and twelve different value creating factors, both from an organisational, as well as an individual perspective were found. Thirdly, two major value capture mechanisms could be discovered, and fourthly, the past development, current state, and outlook of the market for smart lighting technologies in the GSA region was presented. It has also been discussed that the connection between academia and practice concerning the topic should be further strengthened.