Innovation Talk “Sustainable Innovation in the Energy Industry: Trends and Best Practices”

The fourth Innovation Talk in 2021 was held by Jochen Zemroser and Dr. Mathias Loeser, who are part of ENGIE Impact, an international consulting firm specializing in energy and sustainability management for companies, cities and governments in the energy industry. Mr. Zemroser and Dr. Loeser are both Senior Manager Sustainability Solutions at ENGIE Impact and have years of experience through energy consulting projects and certifications.

At the beginning of this Innovation Talk, there was a brief overview of three game changers in the energy industry: digitization, financing, and energy-as-a-service. During the insightful presentation, these three concepts were discussed in detail. Digitization is about a Net Zero Factory approach and the methodology behind it. For the financing aspect, market developments in the structuring of financing were discussed. Finally, Energy-as-a-Service was explained using a business case from a current project.