Master Thesis on Alternative Sustainable Business Models for Energy Providers

The master thesis “Gas Exit: Alternative Sustainable Business Models for Energy Providers” provides a comprehensive overview of sustainable business models for energy providers. Here is the abstract:

External pressures and environmental concerns have brought decarbonization efforts to the forefront of energy systems. As a result, natural gas, fossil fuels and utilities face a significant threat of renewable business model adoption and a significant reduction of carbon intensive business models. Thus, this thesis has examined two specific research questions: “What is the current business model for typical incumbents in natural gas and utility business?” and “What are sustainable business models and technological development for economically viable and capable gas exits?” To discover insights to these questions, this thesis utilizes concepts such as the Business Model canvas, the Triple Layer Sustainable Business Model and Industry Architecture frameworks.

Accordingly, results highlight full characteristics of the traditional model and 5 distinct utility sustainable business models, which emerged due to an extensive focus on decarbonization and green energy viability. These sustainable business models include Utility-Side, Community or Partner Driven, Service-Based and Prosumer Services, Technologically Driven, and the District Heating model. Likewise, research further explored the internal and external forces facilitating and influencing the current incumbent and sustainable models; while also classifying the transition towards each sustainable business model, as either a Market Fit, Market Opportunity or Model Revision. Finally, managerial implications regarding sustainable transformation efforts were also provided, to assist and guide practitioners and managers in the traditional utility space.