Master Thesis on Digital Technologies for Utilities

The master thesis “Digital Technologies for Utilities: A Strategic Technology Management Perspective” identifies various digital technologies involved in the value chain of a energy providers of power utilities in the German speaking area. Here is the abstract:

Power utilities have traditionally been known for their stability, reliability, and predictability. However, factors such as the energy crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the shift from passive consumers to active prosumers, are currently confronting companies with upheaval and disruption. In times such as these, power utilities are being forced to increase their resilience, while maintaining productivity and efficiency. One means for overcoming challenges triggered by the previously mentioned factors, is the use of digital technologies. Due to the importance of these technologies, the aim of this work is to provide an overview of the digital technology landscape in the DACH region from the perspective of the energy industry. Furthermore, application fields for digital technologies along the value chain of power utilities are identified and evaluated using criteria from literature on strategic technology management.  The analysis resulted in the identification of 15 digital technologies used in diverse domains of the energy industry. Furthermore, the strategic consideration of the selected application fields revealed the individual potential of the respective areas.