Master Thesis on Managing Digitalization Projects

The master thesis “Managing Digitalization Projects: Best-in-class Process and KPIs” derives a best-in-class model for the management of digitalization projects in the context of energy providers. Here is the abstract:

Digitalization is having an increasingly bigger impact on the energy sector in recent years. Thus, organizations aim to set up digitalization projects to implement new digital technologies in order to avoid missing out on the potential positive impact on business success. Unfortunately, projects in the digitalization domain have a stronger tendency to fail or be challenged than other project domains. Selecting the most relevant KPIs can play a critical role in project success. However, identifying the most relevant KPIs for a project is challenging, since various aspects have to be taken into account, which may change from project to project. In this thesis, a best-in-class process model for the management of digitalization projects is developed. Interviews with (inter)national experts are conducted to provide real-life insights about the metrics and KPIs selected by these organizations.